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Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering


National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Intelligent System Laboratory

The laboratory was founded in 1991 by Dr. Lee, Hahn-Ming.

The research interests include Fuzzy Computing, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Intelligence on the Web and AI etc.



Research Achievements

Internal Information

Lab History

Collaboration Organization:


Institute of Information Science(IIS), Academia Sinica


Taiwan Information Security Center (TWISC)


The Digital Archives Architecture Lab (DAAL), RDTD, NDAP


Computer Systems and Communication Laboratory, IIS

Research Information of Fuzzy Sets Theory

Research Information of Neural Networks

Resource of Intelligent Systems on the Web

    Resource of Data Mining

    Resource of Personalization

    Resources of Knowledge Management

Resource of Bioinformatics

Tools / Data sets

Online Digital Theses Library

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Thesis-writing Resources

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