Homework_ Mobile Life Story


"There are many advanced science and technology for a lot of futures in this film of " Mobile Life Story ", as if " Mobile phone ", " Virtual-reality communications", " Mobile Check-in System", Mobile Entry" , " Dock-in Terminal" , " Mixed reality"," Remote medical network", " Traceability system", " Cashless shopping", " RFID"," Personal concierge", " Security robot", " Remote automation", " Mobile tutor"," Child confirmation system" , and so on. See so much advanced future science and technology, the deep and deep my interest of initiation, so look for several technology come the introduction among every film.


EPISOD-A (Father & Daughter)

Mobile Check-In system ---

Perhaps it will replacement it is afterwards for airport pass, using the system of RFID technology.


Because Table PC technology is light and handy and convenient maybe will replace the note

type computer in the future, it's like plugging into a worldwide network of  the very latest thinking and

expertise. The scope, depth and relevancy are breathtaking.

Digital Paper/E-Paper-----

The video-information transmission systems of the sound and image in this way, I think I will

replace the so-called E-mail & Message.



Virtual-reality communications----

This equipment may let a lot of people save the time of many take plane, may look like leading man of PART2 of the drama too because unable to practice to show up illness, utilizing this Telepresence & Augmented Reality technology to attend the exercise, perhaps this kind of technology will be turned into streets and lanes and all used in the future.

Remote Medical Network---

This technology can apply the state that go out to and happen suddenly or inconvenient and can contact a doctor and will not delay valuable medical time at once.

Cashless shopping

This system can reduce Market and charge perplexing, and time when consumers wait to pay, it is a piece of convenience, use the technical application of Mobile phone-payment



Personal Concierge

Personal Concierge whether piece have pronunciation notify you time to go out or to do something etc. technology

Security Robot& Remote Automation-

After going out, the thing that can guarantee the family or suddenly forget, and Moving at speed when required, all right stairs and steps of Climbing and descending, utilizes these

technology to let people go outside and rest assured about the family matters much



Child confirmation system

 Like PART4 this section of films, Child confirmation system has appeared at the beginning, has utilized technology of this to improve child's security at school, have registered out absent time sparingly.

Mobile Tutor----

     This system can inquire about the information that you want at once, as if the little girl in PART4 has found the plant not seen by oneself on the way home, will utilize this Wikis technology to go for inquiry soonafterward the little girl chase the cat and lost way, utilize Mobile Devices go position to look for bus stop too