Mobile Life Story


Meng-hsuan, Sung


RFID: It can read information without touch anything. Just like Taipai Easy Card.

        Technology in the video: Mobile Check-in System and Mobile Entry.

                              When the students leave school, they have to pass through

Confirmation system.(7m38s)


Augmented Reality: Users may get virtual information in reality by impacting on themselves. 

Technology in the video: Remote medical network.

                              Virtual reality communications

Indicate position (1m12s)

                              the video attached the flower(2m20s)

                              the little girl know the flower name(8m08s)


Smartphone: It can combine computerPDA and so on.  

        Technology in the video: The cell phone not only talk and see each other but also pay the ball.(Mobile phone payments)(3m58s)


Telepresence: It can control something far. It can also transmit reality to different places.

        Technology in the video: the meeting. (3m3s)

                               Doctor can examine patients and have the patients' health


The man’s handle.(4m7s)

                                  Security robot (Collective intelligence)

                                   Remote Automation


Other technology:

Dock-in Terminal: The technology sounds like USB. But it is virtual and 3D. It can be more convenient.  

Personal Concierge: It can help you to solve some problem about kitchen.

Mixed Reality: It can indicate where people to go.



This video is very special. I had never noticed how our world could be!

I enjoyed the beautiful world, I never think much about better life.

How grateful it is!

I really admire the people who devoted themselves.

I hope this world will be better and better.