Mobile Life Story

Course :

Introduction to Computer Science

Student Number : B9415046

Student Name : 郭孟宜

Episode A : Father & Daughter

a. The father used his glasses which had the RFID Technology(Mobile Check-In System) as an ID card to enter the building.

b. When entered the building, there's a virtual receptionist used Location-Aware Technology to tell the father who was waiting for him. And the father also used the Mesh Network technology to find his way to the conference room.

c. In front of door the conference room, the father also used the RFID Technology(Mobile Entry) as an ID card to enter the room.

d. As the father on his way to the conference room, he got an Instant Messaging to remind him sending flowers to his daughter.

e. When meeting, they used Tablet PC as a tool to show the details of the water quality control system.

f. I think that the father used the Model-Driven Architecture to store data into his dock-in terminal, so that he could use his data at any computers.

g. The daughter got an Instant Messaging from his father before the concert.

Episode B : Lovers

a. Because of the boyfriend was sick, he used the Internet Web Service to join the practice, so that he could stay home.

b. The boyfriend used the RFID Technology to remote control some electrical appliance, such as the monitor and the front door.

c. The doctor used the Seneor Network to monitor the boyfriend's body-temperature, blood pressure, etc. ,so that he could gave his patients the best prescriptions in time without taking extra time to go to the patient's house.

d. The doctor used the Tablet PC to do his work.

e. The girlfriend used Mobile Phone Payments Technology to pay what she buy.

Episode C : Happy Seniors

a. The mother used the Speech Recognition for Mobile Devices to order the plane tickets.

b. The refrigerator had Collective Intelligence. As a result, it knew the seniors wanted two tickets and one should be aisle seat.

c. The seniors used the Sensor Network Technology to check their fish, door, and asked the robot to water the plant.

Episode D : Kid's Way

a. The school used the RFID Technology, so that when the students came to school, they would have some records.

b. The child used the Mesh Network Technology to get the information about what she saw, for example, the unknown flowers.

c. The child used the Mesh Network Technology to find her way back to citizen's hall, and the mother used the same technology to check where her daughter was.