Homework one

due date:2008/10/05 PM 12:00

        i. Describing the technologies which are referred to the NTT DOCOMO vision video and corresponding in the technology road map 2008 of Gartner Research.

i. 描述NTT DOCOMO 官方網站最新的 Vision Video(可於課程文件中可下載)中有使用到並且能對應到Gartner Research 2008年科技趨勢圖中出現的科技。

ii. Analyzing and describing the technical evolution in the technology road map of Gartner Research from 2006 to 2008.

ii. 描述並分析 Gartner Research 2006年科技趨勢圖(第一次上課發的講義)到2008年的改變。

Homework two

due date:11/30 (can be two in a team)

    produce a video (in 5 min) of your vision (of 2015, 2030 or 2040)

    with script. Also, please identify the concept(theme) of the vision,  the tech. and the relationship with IGF, etc.

you can see the materials in this link:
or download it from the document area in blackboard.